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Griffin Lumber & Hardware was founded in 1898 as Cordele Sash, Door and Lumber Company, and has operated continuously since its founding. The business originally consisted of an esteemed window, sash, and door craft shop, a retail store location on 9th Avenue, and a big band sawmill which operated behind the store on 8th Avenue.

In 1958, the sawmill caught fire and was completely destroyed. When rebuilt, it was relocated to Highway 41, just south of the Cordele Farmers' Market. The retail store continued to operate in its original location.

In 1977, the sawmill and the retail store were acquired by Griffin Lumber Company, and in 1980 a new retail store location was built on 8th Avenue Connector in Cordele.

Griffin Hardware & Lumber original store

In 2007, the Griffin family patriarch, William Henry (Bill) Griffin, Jr., assumed management upon the retirement of a life-long manager until his youngest grandson, C.J. Griffin, assumed management of the operation in 2008.

Griffin Hardware & Lumber Sawmill

In 2013, Cordele Sash, Door and Lumber Company changed its name to Griffin Lumber & Hardware in order to better reflect its expansion, most notably with the addition of a second location in Leesburg and a third location in Tifton, Georgia.

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